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We provide dedicated services for nails and waxing that help you maintain a fabulous looking nails and body. 

Manicure / Pedicure

Restore and rejuvenate your nails to their natural beauty. A fragrant hand/foot bath, nail buff and file, cuticle treatment, nourishing massage, finally enhancing the nails with a polish of your choice.

For an absolute deluxe experience you can include an exfoliation and fragrant paraffin bath for an intense moisturising treatment.

Shellac is available (long-lasting, glossy nails and high impact colour; zero drying time; lasts up to two weeks).

Add on

Nail Art and Spa available.


Waxing is considered as one of the most effective hair removal methods for any part of the body. It guarantees a complete removal, even underneath the surface of the skin. We offer both hot waxing and strip waxing.

  • Hot waxing or hard wax - this is among the most popular methods whereby hot wax is applied on the region you wish to wax. The wax is applied in a thick layer then allowed to cool down for it to harden for an easy removal. The wax is then peeled off to remove the hair.
  • Strip waxing or soft wax - this method works by spreading the wax in a thin layer over the area you wish to remove the hair. A paper strip is then applied on the area and then ripped off in the opposite direction of hair growth using quick movement.  You can also cover the waxed area with a non-woven strip, and when you remove it, the hair comes with it.

All waxing includes complimentary towelettes to freshen up prior to service, and pre and post waxing lotions to protect skin.